KidRocket 1.5


KidRocket is a Flash based web browser especially designed for kids. It works in a very simple way: instead of letting the browser have access to the whole WWW and then try to filter out bad content, KidRocket blocks out the entire Internet and only allows the kids to access certain child related websites.

The program works well, it's very easy to use and features a really eye-catching interface. The only downside to KidRocket is the fact that you cannot edit the list of allowed websites.

Take a look at what this kid browser has to offer:

  • Fun, family friendly web sites for kids
  • Integrated Starfall reading program
  • Interactive math flashcards
  • Configurable math equations
  • Customizable browser colors (almost 250 possible variants)
  • Time in Use: timer
  • Digital Clock
  • Built-in popup blocker

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